Standing Rules of the Suffield Players

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Standing Rules

Patron member
Per the By-laws: “Patron members shall pay a yearly membership donation of not less than Donor level for the current Seasons, but need not be involved in any production or related Corporation activity.  The Board of Directors will set Patron member donation levels at the beginning of each Season.”
The Board sets these levels: Dues
Per the By-laws: “The Board of Directors shall determine dues for Participant members at the beginning of each Season.” Committees
As per the recent By-law amendments, the dates for the committees’ reports: Minutes Electronic Voting
When an unexpected issue needs immediate attention between scheduled Board meetings, Board members may conduct voting via email with the following conditions: Finances Banking Hall Access
Extension of Performance Runs
Establishes the criteria for extending the number of performances of a production of the Corporation with additional dates of performances during a Season if both the cast and crew can commit to such agreed upon dates at the time of audition, or at any time up to the deadline for the decision to extend a run.
The criteria listed below are to be included on the Corporation’s Audition/Membership Form (See ARTICLE III, Section 3) and signed agreement received from the cast and crew of a production at the time of auditions.
If, at any time before the close of the first Saturday performance:
Weather Protocol
Internal Protocol
The Board of Directors will make a determination on any given performance date as to whether to cancel a performance.  All care will be given to do so in a timely basis, meaning at least two (2) hours prior to performance where possible.
Tickets for that evening will be re-booked to a following performance, or if none exist, refunds will be issued.  Each ticket will be handled on case by case basis to ensure the patron is treated in respectful manner.
The decision process will be made as follows: The Facilities Manager and/or President will make the final determination.  In lieu of their presence, in order the responsibility falls to:
  1. the Secretary
  2. the Treasurer
  3. Box Office Manager
  4. House Manager
  5. PR / Media Director
  6. Sales Director
  7. Membership Director
Once decision has been made, contact is:
Phone call and e-mail to all Board Members, Stage Manager and Director Facilities Manager and/or person closest to the Hall will post a sign on the front doors announcing the cancelation and any information about re-booking tickets.
If power exists, the phone message will be changed to announce the cancelation and re-booking instructions.
Actual Language to be used follows (use this exact language when posting to online media):
Facebook –
First Message - Unfortunately, we have had to cancel this evening's performance due to the current weather.  If you had tickets, a member of our staff will be in contact with you to arrange for a future reservation.  All future performances will run as scheduled.  For more information, log on to  Stay safe and we will see you soon.
Twitter –
First Message - The weather canceled the show!  If you had tickets, a staff member will be in contact with you.  More info
Second Message (to be posted if there is a show the next night) – We may have canceled tonight, but tomorrow night is still on!
Website –
Tonight’s show performance has been canceled due to the weather!  If you had tickets to join us tonight, a member of our staff will be in contact with you to arrange for a future reservation.  We will continue to post real time updates about future performances on Facebook and Twitter as long as the power stays on.
On behalf of all of us at The Suffield Players, stay safe and we will see you soon!
Constant Contact –
Similar wording to the website.
Created November, 2011.  Codified here August 28, 2019.

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