GHOST OF A CHANCE   by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus, directed by David Crowell
Sunday, June 24, at 600PM, and Monday, June 25 at 700PM

Plot synopsis

This is a ghost story with a fun twist.  Bethany lost her husband three years ago from a hunting accident.  She recently moved on with her life and has found Floyd, now her fiancé.  Bethany has a final bit of business to wrap up and that involves going back to the hunting lodge where Chance died three years earlier.  Chance was a strapping outdoors-man and avid hunter.  Bethany brings along Floyd who seems to be the complete opposite to Chance.  In tow is Floyd's mother, Verna, who is going along to keep an eye on Floyd and has yet to warm up to Bethany.  Seems quite simple until Chance pops up in full ghostliness and can only be seen by Bethany.  Add a psychic, and the guy planning on buying the place at a great price, and of course Chance who sees the opportunity to stop Bethany at all costs from marrying someone else!

Process for auditions: Cold readings from script.  No monologues needed.  Just relax and have fun!

Character Descriptions

Bethany: 30-40 — Bright, strong, independent.  Has not wanted to face her past and has tried to only look forward since losing her husband.  Her old self battles her new one when Chance appears to her in his ghostly state.

Floyd: 30-40 — Beth's new fiancĂ©.  Stable, safe, durable.  Excitement to him is reading a good adventure novel.  He is deeply in love with Bethany and will do whatever necessary to not lose her … or die trying.

Chance: 30-40 — Beth's first husband.  He lived his life to the fullest.  He invented adventure and loved to take everything in life to extremes.  He is just now realizing that he is dead but still loves Bethany, and will stop at nothing to keep her to himself—dead or not dead.

Verna: 50-60 — Floyd's mother.  She is protective and suspicious of anyone who is going to take Floyd away.  It's not about Beth, it's about what she feels is in her son's best interest.

Crystal: any age — Sharp tonged and super flamboyant.  Seeks to really take all she can get out of life and if the vodka is flowing so is her sarcasm.  She is multi-layered and flips from one extreme to the other.

Adam: 50-60 — Happy-go-lucky charming man who can draw the best of them in.  He wants the lodge and will spin it up anyway necessary to make this deal happen one way or another.


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