SYLVIA   by A. R. Gurney, directed by Kelly Seip

February 25 at 6PM, and February 26 at 7PM

Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Sylvia by A.R. Gurney!

Plot Synopsis

Sylvia is basically a love story on many levels.  A disillusioned, middle-aged man (Greg) finds fulfillment in the love he has for a stray dog he adopts (Sylvia. ) He also loves his wife (Kate), and she him.  New love, however, is all consuming.  The conflict arises when Kate decidedly does NOT love Sylvia.  Kate has very different ideas about how she wants to spend her middle years with Greg, and none of them include caring for a dog.

Audition Process: Actors will be asked to do cold readings from the script with other auditioners.  No monologues are necessary.
NOTE: Greg, Kate and Sylvia need to have some modest vocal ability (they sing some popular tunes.  Nothing operatic!)  Please contact The Suffield Players with questions or concerns!

Character Descriptions:

Sylvia — A young street mutt, played by a woman 25–35 years old . She has been on the street long enough to be wary of Greg’s overtures, but she is savvy and hopeful enough to appreciate her good fortune in finding him.  She is even open to Kate (initially) until Kate makes it obvious that she doesn’t want Sylvia around.

Greg — A 55-60-ish year old soft-spoken businessman, disenchanted with his work, his life, his future, and searching for the meaning of life… when Sylvia jumps into his lap.  New love is a narcotic, and Greg is an addict who steals time away from his work - and his wife - to spend it all with Sylvia.

Kate — A 55-60-ish year old dedicated inner city English teacher, specializing in Shakespeare.  She is in love with her husband and her career and, now that the kids are all out of the house, she is looking forward to the varied prospects for their future.  A future that definitely has no place for a dog!

Tom — A 35-45 year old dog park “Player,” a fountain of knowledge on all things canine, and living vicariously through the sexual exploits of his dog Bowser.  Tom acts as a mentor for Greg.

Phyllis — A 55-60-ish year old woman, Kate’s roommate from college.  A native New Yorker who runs in the upper circles of New York society, into which she promises to introduce Kate . She is also trying to give up an over-indulgence in alcohol.

Leslie — A 35-50 year old sexually ambiguous marriage counselor, called into service to help with Kate and Greg’s “problem.”  (Character be either male or female.)  Leslie is quite secure in the knowledge that s/he can handle Greg and Kate’s relationship counseling session… until a conversation happens with Greg one-on-one!


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