Bylaws of the Suffield Players

Article III — Membership

Section 1.  Definitions.  There shall be two principal classifications of members, Participating and Patron, and each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote.  Minors under age fifteen (15) may become members under either classification but shall not be entitled to vote.

  1. Participating Member - Participating members shall:
    1. pay a yearly membership dues, and
    2. must work on, or participate in, at least one (1) production or Corporation activity (see Committees, ARTICLE VI) during the current or preceding Season, unless in any particular Season, no dues amount is declared, in which case the member will be excused from (i.) above.

    Qualifying participation shall require the equivalent of an assigned single production part (cast, crew, or staff), or involvement in a Corporation activity, from the beginning to completion. The applicant shall be in pending status until this participation condition is met.

    The Board of Directors shall have discretion in judging whether the requirements for becoming a Participating Member have been satisfied.

  2. Patron Member.  Patron members shall pay a yearly membership donation of not less than Donor level for the current Season, but need not be involved in any production or related Corporation activity.  The Board of Directors will set Patron Member donation levels at the beginning of each Season.

  3. Honorary Member.  The Board of Directors shall have discretion to elect honorary life members who have contributed a unique or outstanding contribution to the theatre or the community.  Honorary members will be considered Participating members for life, without regard to extent of participation.

  4. Season.  A short Season for the Corporation's activities shall commence on August 1st of 2007 and end on June 30th of 2008.  Thereafter, the Season for the Corporation's activities shall commence on July 1st of each year and end on June 30th of the following year.

Section 2.  Dues.  The Board of Directors shall determine dues for Participating members at the beginning of each Season.  If no Dues amount is declared within sixty (60) days of the start of a Season, the Board of Directors will be deemed to have suspended the payment of Dues for that Season.  Notice of Dues amounts to be charged in any Season must be posted at the theatre and on the website of the organization at least ninety (90) days prior to their due date.  Members who have not paid their Dues within ninety (90) days of the date of posting or, in the case of Participating members who have not participated in a production or other Corporation activity during the Season, shall automatically lose their membership rights, and must re-establish their membership if they wish to rejoin the Corporation.  Patron members shall never be charged a Dues amount.

Section 3.  Audition/Membership Form.  A candidate for Participating Member membership must fill out and sign the Corporation's Audition/Membership Form and submit it to the Board of Directors (or Artistic Director of the current Production if such is in existence at the time) or online at the Corporation's website.  Processed forms will be referred to the Board of Directors for addition to the membership list.

Section 4.  Discipline.  Any member may be removed, suspended or expelled by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Board of Directors from the Board of Directors, membership in the organization, or both, for actions deemed harmful to the Corporation or prejudicial to its interests including, but not limited to, acting in the name of the Corporation without authority from the Board of Directors, non-payment of his or her indebtedness to the Corporation or conduct unbecoming a member of the Corporation.

Section 5.  Resignation.  Membership is on an annual basis coinciding with the Corporation's Season.  Formal resignations from membership may be made in writing to the Secretary of the Corporation.

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