Current Officers and Committee Members


President Chelsea Viets
Treasurer Dorrie Mitchell
Secretary Nicole Murray
Publicity Director Mary Fernandez-Sierra
Sales & Marketing Director Tyler Wolfson
Membership Development Director Dana T. Ring
House Manager Deb Fusick
Box Office Manager Martha Zalewski
Facilities Manager Jerry Zalewski


Playreading Bob Williams (chair), Anna Marie Johansen, Stephanie Maloney, Shaun O'Keefe, Roger A. Ochs, Mark Proulx, Konrad Rogowski, Kelly Seip
Directors Search Konrad Rogowski (chair), Sharon FitzHenry, Robert Lunde, Rayah Martin, Kelly Seip
ACT Karen Balaska, Dorrie Mitchell, Tanya Ochs, Kelly Seip, Mary Fernandez-Sierra, Danny Viets, Martha Zalewski, Jerry Zalewski
Nominating Mary Roberge, Brian Rucci
Bylaws Dana T. Ring (chair)

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