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Drinking Habits, October 11, 2006 -- dress rehearsal, page one

The nuns at the tiny convent of The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing have secretly been making some of their grape juice into wine and selling it to keep their order afloat, while carefully keeping the Mother Superior in the dark.  Unbeknownst to them, their wine wins an award, and two reporters are sent to find the elusive vintners.
Sister Augusta (Kelly Seip), left, and Sister Philamena (Liz Leshine), right, are about to gather more grapes when Mother Superior (Sheila Lacey), center, gets a letter from the Vatican.  It seems HQ is sending another nun to help them out.  Mother Superior, however, is convinced they are really sending a spy to get proof that their order is too small to keep going. With the nuns in the field, Sally (Karen Balaska) and Paul (Brian Rucci), the reporters, sneak into the convent—this is the last place in the area where the winemakers could be.
Paul hides in the High Holy Closet, as Sally meets with Mother Superior, who thinks that Sally is a new nun.  Sally decides to go along to get information on the convent's activities. Shortly, a new nun DOES arrive—it's Sister Mary Catherine (Brianna Stronk) who, although not a spy, does have a troubling secret.
Paul, meanwhile, has put on a priest's robe that he found in the High Holy Closet, and he and Sally meet with the local parish priest Father Chenille (Bruce Showalter).  But the father thinks Paul has secretly been sent by Rome to replace him.   George, the convent's handyman (Christopher Daly), is disguised as yet another priest at the request of Father Chenille.  He comforts Mary Catherine who has been haunted by guilt (and by Sister Augusta's psychological anti-spy tactics).  She confesses to him that she isn't a real nun, only a novice who hasn't yet taken her vows.

Suddenly all are interrupted by the arrival of—"Cardinal Bluejay." Paul, who had been disguised as a priest disguised as a nun (!) has found yet another vestment in the closet.

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