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Drinking Habits, October 11, 2006 -- dress rehearsal, page two

George the handyman (Christopher Daly) is happy to be out of disguise and reports back to Mother Superior (Sheila Lacey).  She instructs him to finish preparing the punch for the impromptu reception for "Cardinal Bluejay".  He adds some bottles of grape juice from the pressing room to the bowl. But he accidentally took bottles that contained the wine!  Sister Augusta (Kelly Seip), Sister Philamena (Liz Leshine) and Mother Superior find this out to their shock and horror.
But Father Chenille (Bruce Showalter) and "Cardinal Bluejay"—Paul the reporter in disguise (Brian Rucci)—find the punch delightful.  They have multiple helpings. True to the old saying In Vino Veritas, in the aftermath the truth comes out about everyone's role in all this.  It's a touching family reunion as Paul finds out that Sister Mary Catherine (Brianna Stronk) is really his real sister, Father Chenille is his father, and Mother Superior is his mother!

A family is reunited, lovers Paul and Sally (Karen Balaska) decide to marry after all, long-lost childhood sweethearts George and Mary Catherine are rediscovered—and the convent is saved. 
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