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Guilty Conscience, February 2005

Arthur Jamison (Dale T. Facey) runs through possibilities of getting rid of his wife.
Said wife, Louise (Barbara McEwen), is pressing for a very expensive divorce.
Arthur tires to show Louise his financial situation is not as liquid as she thinks.  Louise, however, has information hidden away that will force him to be a lot more generous.
Arthur's mistress, Jackie Willis (Rebecca Meakin) drops by.  With her help, Arthur can neutralize his wife's damaging information, allowing him to murder her and make it look like a robbery.
After shooting his wife, Arthur defends his scenario against the pointed questions of The Prosecutor (Mark P. Ohanesian) while the portrait of The Judge (Bob Williams) comes to life to preside over the trial.  Unfortunately, there are too many nagging details that can't be dismissed and the plan, which was all in his head anyway, is scrapped.
Meanwhile, Louise and Jackie, realizing that Arthur has murder on his mind, have concocted a plan of their own--killing Arthur and making it look like suicide!
Arthur, ever the counsellor, attempts to prove that their story has more holes than Swiss cheese.  (He's already convinced her to wear a rubber glove to avoid gunshot residue.)  Can his powers of persuation keep him alive another day?
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