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Harvey rehearsal shots, April 2002
Veta Louise Simmons (Kelly Seip), her daughter Myrtle Mae (Yvette Graveline), absolutely mortified after "Aunt Ethel" Chauvenet (Mary Ann Arnold), has been introduced to Harvey by Elwood.
Where to find Elwood?
Wilson the orderly (Konrad Rogowski) is quite taken with Myrtle Mae, while Dr. Chumley (Charles Merlis) stresses the importance of finding her demented uncle, as Judge Gaffney (Ron Blanchette) looks on.
Later at the Sanitarium, (you can tell it's the Sanitarium because the couch and fireplace are gone), Wilson is disgusted as Nurse Kelly (Anna Popp) watches Elwood P. Dowd (Dale T. Facey) being questioned by Dr. Sanderson (David Goyette).
The judge watches and Lofgren the cabbie (Josh Guenter) waits for somebody to come up the fare for driving the posse here.

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