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Haunted, October, 2003
Mary Burke (Jennifer Gelb) is concerned about the changes in the behavior of her husband Nigel (Dana T. Ring). It started when...
Nigel receives a visit from the mysterious Potter (Dan Coyle), who gives him a strange goblet, said to have belonged to Byron.  Although warned not to drink from the goblet, Nigel eventually does.
Which leads to the sudden appearance of the ghost of Lord Byron (James Scroggins).
Mary shares her worries with Nigel's agent, Turner Gould (Sypert Johnston).
Byron is perplexed to find that he has been dead for seventy-plus years.
Nigel's new rakish behavior has captured the attention of trashy-romance writer Julia Phillips (Samantha Burgan).
Byron, invisible to Turner, helps Nigel stand up to his agent's attempts at intimidation.

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