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Hearts, April-May, 2015
by Willy Holtzman Costumes by Dawn McKay
directed by Jeffrey Flood Set design by Kelly Seip

A memory play of a World War II veteran

Donald's war buddies/neighbors.
Ed Bernstein as Babe, Konrad Rogowski as Donald, Gio Castellano as Ruby, Wesley Olds as Herbie.
Ed also played a psychiatrist, a captain (both US and SS), a salesman, an army driver, and others.
Wes also played a sargeant, Donald's son, a quartermaster, and others.
Gio also played a captain, Shmuel, Donald's daddy, various sargeants and soldiers, and others. Tammy Young Cote as Donald's wife, Evelyn.
She also played Donald's momma, a jewish girlfriend, Rose, a nurse, Donald's granddaughter, and others.

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