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Madwoman performance, March 2002
In the back, left to right: Allen Nott, Samantha Burgan, Jerry Zalewski, Jay Kane, Konrad Rogowski, Ron Blanchette.  In front, L to R: Paula Cortis, Lyle Pearsons, Vicky Christian, Kathy Leary, Brad Huskinson, Diane Christian.
The Madwoman herself, Countess Aurelia (Kelly Seip).
In the back, the Deaf-Mute (Lyle Pearsons) "talks" to Irma (Rayah Martin), while the Countess pleads with the Sergeant (Roger Ochs) for leniency on behalf of Pierre (Scott Belisle).
The Prospector (Allen Nott) and "bad guys" the Baron (Jay Kane), the President (Konrad Rogowski) and the Broker (Ron Blanchette) confer, while Teresa (Kathy Leary), the Ragpicker (Brad Huskinson), and the Flowergirl (Diane Christian), attempt to reason with the Policeman (Josh Guenter).
Gabrielle (Pat Haynes), Constance (Nancy Kleuh), and Josephine (Norma Cobb) at Aurelia's tea party.
The Adolphe Bertauts of this world.

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