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The Mousetrap, October, 2015
by Agatha Christie Costumes by Denise Boutin
directed by Denise M. E. Boutin Set design by Art Christian

THE classic whodunnit

New hotel operators Mollie and Giles don't yet know that someone in the house will kill someone else in the house.
Steve Wandzy as Giles Ralston, Rachel Berezin as Mollie Ralston.
But who is the murderer?  Could it be one of the registered guests?
Kelly Seip as Mrs. Boyle, Brianna Stronk as Miss Casewell, Shaun O'Keefe as Christopher Wren, Mark Proulx as Major Metcalf.
Or could it be the unexpected guest, forced inside by the blizzard?
Roger Ochs as Señor Paravicini.
A police detective arrives, through the window, to sort it all out.
Reid Sinclair as Sergeant Trotter.
Trotter interviews everyone, but everyone seems to be holding something back.  That could prove fatal for at least one of them.

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