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Murder At The Howard Johnson's, February 2007, page two

Act Two — Fourth of July (continued)
Paul Miller (Allen Nott) cannot bring himself to actually shoot his wife's lover Mitchell Lavell (Edwin R. Lewis, III) and suggests he jump out the window to his death.  Arlene (Anna V. Mazur) has mixed emotions when he actually climbs out.
When Paul follows Mitchell out onto the ledge, and around the building, Arlene is left alone to worry.  She watches the fireworks display... ...and leaves the hotel.
Having completed the circuit of the floor from the outside, a very shaken Mitchell returns to the room Then Paul gets a turn on the revolving window.

Act Three — New Year's Eve
Paul and Mitchell, fed up with Arlene's rejection of both of them, arrange a little surprise of their own for her.
However, they have a little trouble with the rope.
Thinking she's meeting her self-help guru, Arlene comes to the room for the confrontation. The men prepare to launch Arlene.
However, the bargain-basement rope breaks.  Paul, overcome, has an attack of his own. The three reconcile, for now anyway, and see in the new year.

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