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The 39 Steps, May, 2016
by Patrick Barlow, from the John Buchan novel Costumes by Dawn McKay
directed by Roger A. Ochs Set design by Konrad Rogowski

A spoof of spy thrillers, with a teaspoon of Hitchcock, and a pinch of Monty Python thrown in.

Young, bored Hannay, goes to a music hall, where a woman in his box shoots someone and goes home with him.
Steve Wandzy as Clown #3, Konrad Rogowski as Clown #2, Tyler Wolfson as Hannay, Libby Miserendino as Annabel.  Note: Everyone except Tyler plays multiple roles.
She gets murdered during the night, and Hannay needs to sneak away.
Barbara Gallo as Clown #1.
He joins up with two traveling salesmen.
Konrad and Steve.
On a train to Scotland, the police try to catch him but he escapes.
Konrad, Libby, Steve, Barbara, Tyler.
He takes refuge with a crofter and his wife.
Konrad, Tyler, Barbara.
While seeking help from a young woman, he gets handcuffed to her, then tries to spend the night at a hotel without the handcuffs being seen.
Barbara, Libby, Tyler.
Hey, if I explained it so it made sense, it would take three more pages.

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