All In The Timing Dress rehearsal shots, October 2002
Bill (Brad Huskinson), tries to connect with a very skeptical Betty (Karen Balaska) in Sure Thing directed by Kelly Seip.
Swift (Charles Merlis), Milton (Allen Nott) and Kafka (Nicole Burrows) are three chimpanzees trying to write "Hamlet" in Words, Words, Words directed by Rayah Martin.
Dawn (Rayah Martin) wants to learn "Unamunda" from Don (Stephen Grout) in The Universal Language directed by Dorrie Mitchell.
Philip Glass (Jay Kane) is surrounded by Two Women (Pat Haynes and Karen Balaska) and the Baker (Katrina Art) in Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread directed by Konrad Rogowski.
Al (Allen Nott) watches as Mark (Josh Guenter) tries to order a burger from the waitress (Kelly Seip) in The Philadelphia (where you have to ask for the opposite!), directed by Pat Haynes.
Trotsky (Brad Huskinson), with a mountain-climber's ax in his skull, demands to know of Ramon (Stephen Grout) why he has done this, while Mrs. Trotsky (Pat Haynes) tries to be supportive in Variations on the Death of Trotsky directed by Dale T. Facey

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