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As twilight falls, Ann Deever (Rayah Martin) listens as Sue Bayliss (Amy Rucci) reveals that despite Joe's talk of friendly relations with the town, the community still suspects him of being behind the faulty airplane parts.  She advises Ann to move away from the area when she and Chris settle. Ann sits with Joe Keller (Konrad Rogowski) and his son Chris (Shaun O'Keefe) as they prepare for the arrival of Ann's brother George.  Joe offers to set up Ann's father (his business partner) with a position in the firm, and try to get George connected to a local law firm.  Chris is against this idea, but Joe insists.
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George Deever (Michael Reilly) arrives, having been given a ride from the station by Dr. Jim Bayliss (Robert Lunde).  George has come from his only visit to his father in prison in three years.  He inisits that Ann leave with him immediately and have nothing more to do with Chris or his family.  According to him, Chris' position at the plant makes him complicit in what was done to their family.
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Joe's wife Kate (Marge Patefield) comes out to quickly defuse tensions.  She re-introduces George to Lydia Lubey (Ursula A. Nowik) from next door.  But the peace doesn't last long as a careless remark convinces George that the defective airplane parts cover-up really was Joe's fault and George's father took the fall alone. Lydia's husband Frank (Dana T. Ring) bursts in with the astouding news that Larry's horoscope proves that Larry has to be alive somewhere.  Kate wants to believe this, but Chris has pretty much had it with this astrology nonsense.
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Frank leaves and the questioning resumes.  George storms off, but Chris continues the interrogation and Joe finally admits that he did order Steve to send out the defective parts.  Shattered, Chris takes off as well. In the wee hours of the morning, Kate waits on the porch for Chris to return.  Jim, who has been helping search for him, comes by to commiserate and to sympathize with Chris' loss of idealism.
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Ann comes out to demand that Kate release Chris by letting go of Larry's memory.  Despite having Joe back her up on this, Kate refuses to belive Larry is dead. Frustrated by Kate's refusal, Ann sends Joe into the house and shows Kate a letter from Larry.  It contains a secret most terrible.  Chris returns to say he is leaving, by himself.  Joe tries to defend his actions, but Chris insists he should turn himself in.
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In desperation, Ann gives Chris the letter.  He reads it aloud to Joe.  This finally breaks Joe's facade and he agrees to go to the police station. Joe goes inside to get a jacket, but soon a single shot is heard.
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