As You Like It, May 2013, page two
by William Shakespeare directed by Chris Rohmann
Costumes by Jeffrey FloodSet design by Konrad Rogowski and Kelly Seip

Silvius (Nathan Rumney), a lovelorn shephard, tells Corin (Joan Perkins-Smith) or his unrequited love for Phebe, a young shepardess. Touchstone (Robert Lunde), meanwhile, has set his eye on the buxom Audrey (Nicole R. Giguere), and plies her with talk of marriage.
Towards this end, he secures the services of Sir Oliver Martext (Dana T. Ring), a local (and perhaps dubious) priest to perform the ceremony.  However, Jaques (Ed Bernstein) interrupts, insisting that they marry in a proper church. Silvius once again pleads his case to Phebe (Rayah Martin), who will have none of it.  She excoriates him harshly and is overheard by Rosalind and Celia.
Rosalind (Becky Rodia Schoenfeld), in her "Ganymede" persona, scolds Phebe for scorning the honest love she is offered.  Phebe, not used to being rebuked, immediately falls in love with this forceful "boy."  Oops. Complicating matters is that Orlando pines for Rosalind, thinking her back in court.  "Ganymede" offers to "cure" him of his love by pretending to be Rosalind.  Wait, she IS Rosalind, and she's in love with him, too.  Can this get any wierder?  Celia (Amanda Marschall) hopes not.
Even Touchstone has a problem.  William (Timpthy Glynn) is another suitor of Audrey, but Touchstone beats him in a battle of wits and sends him packing. It's time to wrap things up.  Ganymede promises to fix everything and exits.  When she returns as Rosalind, she restores to the Duke his daughter, and as willing bride to Orlando.  Phebe, who promised to wed Silvius if she would not take Rosalind, realizes she's been had.
Phebe accepts Silvius, and Orlando's brother Oliver (Daniel Viets) has fallen for Celia.  The god of marriage, Hymen (Jacqueline Wheelock), appears to bless the four unions. Suddenly, the younger brother of Orlando and Oliver, Jacques de Boys (Anthony J. Piccione) enters with news that the Duke's usurping brother has resigned the throne and Duke Senior is restored to his former position.  (Hey, we've got all the de Boys boys.)
A final dance, and the play is done.
L-R: A forester (Dana T. Ring), Amiens (Dorrie Mitchell), Jacques de Boys, Duke Senior, Celia, Oliver, Audrey, Touchstone, Rosalind, Orlando, Phebe, Silvius, Adam (Christopher Duzek), and Corin.

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