Anything Goes, May 2014
by P. G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton,
Howard lindsay, and Russel Crouse
Music by Cole Porter
directed by Jane Cerosky
musical direction by Frank Jackson
Choreography by Terry Rowe
Costumes by Dawn McKay Set design by Konrad Rogowski and Kelly Seip

The classic Cole Porter musical tale of love on the waves.

Back row, L-R: David Crowell, Gabrielle Howe, Dana T. Ring, Stephanie Chernoff, Dorrie Mitchell, Michael Forgetta, Mark Proulx,
Roderick Tyler, Jennifer Rawlings, Zach Gray, Heather Miller, Tim Glynn, Jessie Sawyer
Front row, L-R: Kimberly Spera, Kristen Norris, Mona Tiglio, Tina Sparkle, Stacey McCann
Peter Hicks as Moonface Martin, Mona Tiglio as Reno Sweeney, Christopher Berrien as Billy Crocker.
Randy Boyd as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, in conversation with Mrs. Harcourt.
In the back, Konrad Rogowski as “The Ship's Lush” is chased out of the wheelhouse by the Captain
“The Heaven Hop”
Tina Sparkle as Bonnie tries to join Reno's Angels: Stacey McCann as Purity, Kristen Norris as Virtue, Jessie Sawyer as Charity, and Jennifer Rawlings as Chastity.
“Take Me Back to Manhattan.”
“Blow, Gabriel, Blow!”
Reno, backed up by her Angels.
“Blow, Gabriel, Blow!”
Reno, backed up by everybody.
Wrapping up all the loose ends.

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