Communicating Doors, February 2010, page two

In 1984, hotel securityman Harold Palmer (Brian Rucci) and Jessica (Rayah Martin), Reece's first wife, are upset about a confession supposedly written by Reese in 2024, and given to them by Ruella (Mary Fernandez-Sierra) who claims to be from 2004 where she is Reece's current wife.  Jessica is skeptical, but when Harold is out of the room, she allows Ruella to exit via the communicating door. Back in 2004, Ruella learns that Phoebe (Becky Rodia Schoenfeld) was followed from 2024 by Julian (Christopher Berrien).  When he tried to kill her, he slipped on some soap and fatally fractured his skull on the toilet.  The women drag him into the bedroom after calling hotel security.
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They persuade the 2004 Harold to take the 2024 Julian to another suite and make it look like a heart attack. Simultaneously, Phoebe on the third floor and Ruella on the sixth floor work out that the Julian of 2004 is still alive and about to show up at Ruella's suite to kill her.
Before Ruella can get away, Julian arrives.  He wraps her in a blanket and leads her to the balcony doors.  When Phoebe tries to attack him, he easily disarms her. Suddenly, a figure claiming to be Julian's mother (he killed her, too) emerges from the communicating doors.  When she reveals her face, a shocked Julian falls over the balcony.
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Phoebe turns on the lights, revealing the grim figure to be Jessica.  She and Phoebe attempt to untie Ruella but... ...when the blanket is removed, she trips and falls over the balcony, clinging to the blanket.
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With fierce determination, they manage to pull Ruella back into the room.  Jessica reveals that a note Ruella gave her in 1984 convinced her of the truth and she divorced Reece before Julian could kill her. Harold arrives with strange news: Julian has vanished!  He thinks he must now be wandering the halls with a concussion.  He leaves when his pager tells him of an incident in the street.
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Jessica leaves to jet back to Rome in the morning.  Phoebe decides to return to 2024.  She'd rather not meet her current self, a 13-year-old delinquent in a children's home.  Left alone, Ruella rolls an intriguing idea around her mind. Back in Reece's suite, Phoebe is warmly greeted by her adoptive father.  Gradually, she starts to "remember" her new life.  She and Ruella had a very close relationship.  Phoebe's married and has children of her own.  Even Reece is a changed man, thanks to Ruella's influence. 
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