Comedy With a Twist, February, 2015
Three one-acts by Christopher Durang Costumes by Dawn McKay
Set design by Shaun O'Keefe, Konrad Rogowski, and Kelly Seip

For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls directed by Kelly Seip
Danny Viets as Lawrence.
Mary Fernandez-Sierra as Lawrence's mom, Amanda
Stephanie MacGillivary as Ginny.
Tom Hebert as Tom. Confrontation.
Desire, Desire, Desire! directed by Konrad Rogowski
Stanley and Blanche wait for-evah for Stella to come back.
Steve Wandzy as Stanley, Theresa Elizabeth as Blanche
Blanche uses her wiles on a young man.
Alex Carrasco as Young Man.
Stella comes back!  ...but then leaves again.
Deborah Bell as Stella
We see her again, but now she's Maggie...with another Maggie.
Barbara Gallow as the other Maggie...or is she Cora?
Roger A. Ochs as Big Daddy.
The Actor's Nightmare directed by Shaun O'Keefe
George (an accountant?) walks in, and the stage manager tells him he's late.
Gabrielle Howe as Meg, Joe Van Allen as George.
A veteran actor enters and berates George for not being in costume.
Bill Mullen as Henry
George gets into costume, but whoops!  We're doing Coward??
Christine Zdebski as Sarah Siddons, Heather Miller as Ellen.
Oooooh-kay!  I guess we're doing Beckett.
Well, maybe we're doing Sir Thomas More.  Or not.  Either way, George isn't going to like the finale.

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