Deathtrap, February 2013
by Ira Levin directed by Robert Lunde
Costumes by Dawn McKaySet design by Konrad Rogowski and Kelly Seip

Synopsis: Famous playwright Sidney Bruhl has not had a hit on Broadway in a long time and is bitter at having to live off his wife Myra's money.  Clifford, one of the students at a college where he lectures has written a brilliant new play, and Sidney schemes to murder Clifford and steal his script.
There are twists and turns to the plot and I won't reveal any spoilers here.

The Bruhl living area.
Sidney (Christpher Berrien) tells his wife Myra (Anna Marie Johansen) about a student's promising script. Sidney convinces Clifford Anderson (Steve Wandzy) to act out a scene from the script with him, ostensibly to test the flow of the writing.
Suddenly, the run-through gets very realistic.  What is Myra to think of this? And what of Sidney's lawyer, Porter Milgram (Larry Chiz),
and the very eccentric next-door-neighbor, Helga ten Dorp (Mary Fernandez-Sierra)?

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