Dr. Cooks's Garden, dress rehearsal, February, 2004
Former resident and brand-new doctor Jim Tennyson (Brad Huskinson) chats with nurse Bea Schmidt (Linda Grames), left, and housekeeper Dora Ludlow (Norma Cobb) about who's married, who's dead, and who...moved to New York.
Doctor Cook (Konrad Rogowski) is delighted to see young Jim, all grown up.  They reminisce about when Jim used to hang around Doc's office and help out.
Meanwhile, Bea is in the antechamber/waiting room.  The scrim was opaque when the light wasn't on behind it.
The two doctors discuss the consequences of a decision they have to make.
Jim and Doc get a late-supper call from the constable, (and Doc's personal gardener) Elias Hart (Bob White).
Of course, if Konrad's in a play, he has to kill someone.

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