The Importance of Being Earnest, May, 2004
Lane (Rick Briercheck) listens as Algernon Moncrieff (Thomas J. Nunes) explains to his manservant the proper attitude toward family life--that of avoiding it as much as possible.
Algernon is joined by Jack Worthing (Shaun Barry) who has always claimed to be named Earnest.  Together they discuss the important things in life: food, and getting out of social situations that one finds irritating.
Jack wishes to marry Gwendolen Fairfax (Rebecca Meakin) who thinks Jack is Earnest.  However, her mother, Mrs. Bracknell (Jayne Newirth) does not approve of his less-than-aristocratic origins (he was found in a handbag).
At Jack's country house, the Rev. Chasuble (Mark Depathy) and Miss Prism (Dorrie Mitchell) take a stroll, leaving her pupil Cecily (who is Jack's ward) to her studies.  Instead she meets Algernon, who has come to the house pretending he is Earnest.
Gwendolen has come to the country to see Jack and instead meets Cecily Cardew (Rayah Martin), who is thrilled to announce that "Earnest" has asked her to marry him.  Gwendolen protests that she, not Cecily, is engaged to Earnest.
Jack's butler, Merriman (Dana T. Ring), tries to maintain a dignified mien as Cecily serves cake (how unfashionable!) instead of bread and butter to Gwendolen.
The boys' scheme falls apart as it is discovered that no one is named Earnest and neither girl is engaged to anybody. 
Oops!  Miss Prism is suddenly confronted by Mrs. Bracknell, who demands to know the full details of Prism's shameful secret.
All is well as Jack's true origin is revealed and he turns out to be high-born after all.  All three couples are free to marry at last.

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