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During a seemingly neverending spell of rain in a winter after the Great War, Charlotte Wilton (Vanda Doyle) despairs of her drab life and longs for some brightness.  She has seen an newspaper ad for an Italian castle to be let for the month of April. She approaches Rose Arnott (Amy Rucci), whom she's only seen in church, at her Ladies' Club and proposes (nay, practically insists) that the two of them rent the castle.  Charlotte ("You must call me 'Lotty'") somehow sees that Rose is also unhappy with her life.
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At home, Lotty tries to broach the subject of holidays to her husband Mellersh (Dana T. Ring), but he'll not hear of it.  Indeed, he probably didn't hear anything she said at all. Rose's husband Frederick (Brian Rucci), once a poet, makes a living writing lurid biographies under an alias.  Rose approves of neither the alias nor the subject matter.  He asks her to accompany him on his book tour during April, but she declines, not wanting to play the part of "author's wife."
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The next Sunday, Lotty meets Rose in church and announces she has sent her "nest egg" to the castle's owner as a deposit.  However, the cost will overextend the two of them, so Lotty suggests they advertise for other ladies who might be "in need of a holiday."  Rose reluctantly agrees, swayed by Lotty's enthusiasm. Their first interviewee is Lady Caroline Bramble (Karen Balaska), a "young modern" apparently only out for a good time.  Although Rose views her as undisciplined, Lotty is fascinated by her.  Lady Caroline agrees to join their party.
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The fourth in their group is Mrs. Graves (Anna Marie Johansen), a widow who is quite particular in her requirements.  She will join them, but only if her precise instructions are carried out to the letter. Having secured the necessary funding, Lotty and Rose call on the castle's owner, Antony Wilding (Joshua Guenter), to make the final payment.  Wilding, believing the two to be widows, is quite taken with Rose.
Just one thing remains before Lotty and Rose leave by tomorrow's train...telling their husbands.  Lotty serves Mellersh's favorite foods; Rose waits for Frederick to come home from a party.  Both men are stunned by the announcement of imminent departure.
1 Crossing the Italian border by train at night is an unsettling experience.  Rose consults her guidebook for the phrase, "Help, I'm lost!"  Lotty tells herself that Italian rain has to be better than English rain.  "What have we done, Lotty?"  "I don't know, Rose, but whatever it is--we've done it!"
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