Four Dogs and a Bone, February 2009

Bradley (Josh Guenter) is the producer of an underfunded independent film.  Brenda (Megan Fish), an aspiring actress, implores Bradley to talk to Victor, the writer, into expanding her part.  This would make it a great movie.  William Goldman gave her ten pages of notes saying so.  Bradley might consider this if Brenda can get her stepbrother superstar to make a cameo appearance. In a very dingy bar, Colette (Lea D. Oppedisano) waits for Victor (Robert Lunde) so they can discuss the script.  Collete wants him to make her the hero of the film.  Victor has other things on his mind.  Like trying to prevent his movie from being an "art house" film.  Or going straight to video.  Oh, and his mother just died.
In their cramped trailer, Brenda and Colette snipe at each other and reveal hidden fears.  Brenda wants to be taken seriously, and Colette wants to continue being a leading lady.  Both admit they've been trying to sandbag each other. Bradley lays out the facts to Victor: whittle down the script or it never sees the big screen.  The picture's director can't do it, he says, so it's up to them to save the project.
Brenda and Colette burst in to make their last-minute pleas.  Bradley confronts them with some unpleasant truths.  Brenda has never met William Goldman—her notes are her own.  Colette is doomed henceforth to "character" roles.  Victor finally makes his decision about the script and writes both girls out of the movie. 

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