Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage, October 2014
by Jane Martin Costumes by Dawn McKay
directed by Robert Lunde Set design by Robert Lunde and Kelly Seip

A “B” western horror flick for the stage.

Rob Bob convalescing at healer Big Eight's house in Wyoming.
Wesley Olds as Rob Bob, Kelly Seip as Big Eight
In the wee hours, SheDevil seeks shelter from an abusive relationship, but she's a little abusive, too.
Jacqueline Wheelock as SheDevil.
SheDevil tries to rob the place during the night, but Rob Bob stops her.
??...Don't ask.  Just...don't.
In the morning, Big Eight confers with her sister, Shirl.
Karen Balaska as Shirl.
Soon, motorcycle baddie Black Dog arrives, looking for SheDevil.
Carla Maya as Black Dog.
Rob Bob gets off a direct hit, but Black Dog is not easily killed.
In fact, this is about the third time Black Dog has
seemingly risen from the dead.  They stuff this demonic Lazarus into the pantry.
Baxter the sheriff has been wanting to marry Shirl for years.  He makes another try.
Christopher Duzak as Baxter.
Shirl accepts, hoping to distract Baxter from the blood all around.  But Black Dog makes one more resurrection and charges everyone.  Baxter finally gets off the fatal shot.  Now what?

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