Lady Windermere's Fan, May 2012
by Oscar Wilde directed by Roger A. Ochs

(Webmaster's note:  I've been told that there are some that believe I have been too wordy in my descriptions of the plays we've done.  It is said that I should not attempt to re-create the entire story of the play on these pages.  Therefore, until I hear differently, I'll show only as many photos and verbiage as is necessary to abide by three directives: show off the set, show off the costumes, show everybody in the cast—with just a little context thrown in.)

Costumes by Dawn McKaySet design by Konrad Rogowski
Lord Darlington talks to Lady Windermere in the afternoon before her birthday party that night.  The Duchess of Berwick and her daughter, Lady Agatha Carlisle, arrive for a chat.  The Duchess warns Lady W that her husband has been seeing a woman of unsavory character.
L-R: Lord Darlington (Allen Nott), Lady Carlisle (Shannon Proulx), the Duchess (Dorrie Mitchell), and Lady Windermere (Katrina Art).
At the party, Lady W greets her guests.  They include Mr. Hopper from Australia, whom the Duchess immediately tries to interest in her daughter.  Everyone is abuzz over the expected arrival of a Mrs. Erlynne (the aforementioned unsavory character).  Lord W had invited her despite Lady W's protests.
L-R: Lady Stutfield (Anna-Marie Johansen), Lady Plymdale (Lynne Faherty), Col. Dumby (Bruce Showalter), Mr. Hopper (Robin Miller), Lady W, Lady Jedburgh (Amanda Marschall), Lady Carlisle, the Duchess.
The woman in question does indeed arrive.
Mrs. Erlynne (Stephanie Chernoff) is announced by the butler, Parker (Stephen Grout).
Mrs. Erlynne charms everyone, except Lady W who won't even speak to her.
L-R: Sir Cecil Graham (Ed Bernstein), Lord Auguston Lorton (Hal Chernoff), Lord Darlington, Lady W, Mrs. Erlynne, and Lord Windermere (Logan Lopez).
While most of the guests are dancing in the next room, Lord Darlington attempts to talk Lady Windermere into running away with him, but although she is furious at her husband, she refuses. However, she changes her mind and arrives at Lord Darlington's apartments in the wee hours.  Lord D isn't there, but Mrs. Erlynne also arrives, and strangely tries to talk Lady W into returning home.
Hearing men arrive, the two women hide.  Lord Darlington and his friends flow into the apartment and proceed to get even more tipsy.  Lord D philosophizes on the virutes of women, but Sir Cecil belives Darlington is keeping a woman there because he has found her fan. When Lord Windermere sees the fan, he goes ballistic because he recognizes it as his wife's.  (So that's where the title comes from.)  Suddenly, Mrs. Erlynne appears and claims the fan, saying she accidentally took it from the party.
The next afternoon, Mrs. Erlynne calls on Lady Windermere before leaving the country.  Lady W wants to confess everything to her husband, but for reasons even she herself does not understand, Mrs. E persuades her not to.

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