Murder In Mind, October 5, 2005 -- dress rehearsal, page one

Mary Mallard (Kelly Seip) is having a bad day.  She just survived a minor accident at the airport, but has arrived home to a house of strangers!  She confronts a man (Bruce Showalter) who claims to be her husband Jack.  They're after something and they need her to open the safe.  Her cousin George is missing as well, what have they done to him?
But these people know more about Mary than they should.  A woman who says she's her cousin Petra (Ramona Puchalski Piretti) and a man who may be her brother Stephen (Allen Nott) even know the contents of her make-up case. The three have locked Mary in a bathroom upstairs, but she managed to call the police on an extension they forgot.  Jack and Stephen tell Detective Sergeant Robbins (Chris Daly) a story: Mary gets spells of amnesia when extremely upset--the accident at the airport must have triggered an episode.
Mary pleads for help from the Sergeant.  She has written a list of personal questions and has him quiz the supposed intruders.  However, the three answer all the questions correctly, so the Sergeant reluctantly agrees that Mary is ill, and needs rest. With the Sergeant gone, it's time to up the ante!  Although Jack and Stephen are uneasy about Petra's enthusiam, she threatens to burn Mary with a bottle of acid unless she tells them the safe's new combination.  She tells them, but when the safe is opened, it does not contain what the three are looking for.
Using an old phone she found in the trunk, Mary has used it to call her doctor while her captors were out of the room.  A short time later, Dr. Noel (Roger A. Ochs) arrives and assures Mary he will deal with these interlopers and get to the bottom of this. But there's more trouble.  The missing George shows up, killed with a shotgun.  To make matters worse, Mary doesn't know that Dr. Noel really does know these people, and is in on whatever they're up to.

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