Murder In Mind, October 5, 2005 -- dress rehearsal, page two

Dr. Noel (Roger A. Ochs) uses drugs and
hypnosis on Mary (Kelly Seip) to induce her to believe that the strangers in her house are her husband, cousin and brother.
Sergeant Robbins (Chris Daly) returns and is reassured by the good doctor, cousin Petra (Ramona Puchalski Piretti) and husband Jack (Bruce Showalter) that Mary is her old self again.
With brother Stephen (Allen Nott) serving, a subdued Mary has tea with the Sergeant and apologizes for needlessly taking up his time. Stephen, Jack and the doctor leave for the airport to search Mary's bags in the luggage lockers.  Petra still thinks that she can get the information out of Mary by herself.  They play a nasty version of hide-and-seek.
Mary hides from Petra inside the trunk, but she's discovered.  Petra threatens to burn down the house with Mary inside if she doesn't tell her what she wants to know.
Fortunately, Dr. Noel returns in time to rescue Mary.  He castigates Petra for her behavior. While Stephen, Jack, Dr. Noel and Petra examine Mary's bags from the airport, Sergeant Robbins reappears and asks if they are looking for this folder.
Just when Sergeant Robbins is convinced he has the goods on these four, Chief Inspector Gale (Rick Anderson) arrives.  He is a family friend and has known all these people for years.  Mary really does get these spells.  Just as he is about to leave, however, Robbins notices blood by the closet door. While Robbins follows the blood trail left by George's body when Jack took it outside, Mary has one last surprise.  She has recovered all her memories.  She reveals it was she who killed George.  And there's one more thing she has to do.
Mary kills Petra, finally getting revenge for all the horrible things Petra used to do to her when they were children.  Jack is devastated as Mary calmly goes to the police station with Inspector Gale.

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