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Midwest.  1930s.  Two houses side-by-side.  In one house live Thor and Cora Swanson and her unmarried sister, Arry Gibbs.  In the other live another sister, Ida Bolton, her husband Carl, and their son Homer.  Down the street a bit live the fourth sister Esther Crampton and her husband David.
Cora (Cynthia Lee Andersen), Arry (Jane H. Maulucci), and Thor (Bruce Showalter) are in their back yard.  They're hoping to catch a glimpse of Myrtle Brown, unseen fiancée of Homer, being brought home for the very first time in seven years. Thor spots Carl (Konrad Rogowski) with his head against a tree.  Carl sometimes has "spells" where he questions his place in life, and Myrtle's visit may have triggered one.  Ida tries to reason with Carl, but he wanders off into the woods.
Myrtle (Karen Balaska) is thrilled with everything as Homer (Stephen Grout) describes the yard, the houses, and the relationships between the sisters.  Ida (Pam Amodio) chats briefly with the couple, explaining to Homer that his father has gone for a walk.  Homer suspects his father is having spells again, and with the women in the house, he leans his head against a tree. Thor sees this, and after Homer goes in, he tells the others that Homer is having spells now.  Esther (Kelly Seip), however, points out that "Homer's too lazy to have spells."  The others have to agree.  Esty and Cora remain to catch up on news, as Esty's husband doesn't approve of the rest of the family.
Carl has built a house nearby for Homer and Myrtle—if they ever get married.  Cora thinks it would be wonderful to live in that house, alone, with her husband.  (Arry's been living with them for nearly 50 years.) They see Carl returning and Esty stays to talk with him.  She listens to his insecurities and calms him down enough to go in and meet Myrtle at last.  As they go in, another man shows up.
Esty's husband David (Dana T. Ring) had threatened that if she came down here without permission (this is the thirties, after all), the two of them would live on separate floors.  Here he makes good on it, politely explaining that Esty will be living on the second floor from now on, and could Carl build a second bathroom for him? David's decisiveness makes Carl realize he lost his own way in life long ago.  He wanders off again, and Homer comforts his crying mother and takes her inside—temporarily forgetting Myrtle outside.  Esty spends the night at Cora's.
Act II begins the next morning.  Carl never came home last night, and Cora was gone when Thor woke up.  Arry is convinced the two are up to something that affects her. Cora shows up claiming she was out for a walk.  Arry accuses her of looking for Carl and demands to know why.
Thor tells the sisters his plan to find Carl, but Arry is more interested in a paper Cora has.  She grabs it and Cora chases her until they are interrupted by David, with Carl in tow. Carl explains that he was at David's all night and that he plans to live there from now on.  They just came back for his tools.  Cora shows Arry the paper—it's a lease on Homer's house.  If Homer's not getting married, he doesn't need the house.
Cora gets Carl to sign the lease, upsetting Homer no end.  Sure, he may not get married NOW, but he will SOMEDAY, or so he says.  He wanders off into the woods. David talks to Carl about the life choice he thinks he should have made.  David points out that it may not be as simple as he thinks.  Esther tells David she approves of their arrangement, saying she feels free now.  Surprised, David follows Carl off.
Homer confesses to Myrtle that they no longer have a house.  Myrtle is disappointed, but practical.  She'll live with Homer no matter where he is. Homer finally realizes what he wants, and it's Myrtle, house or no house.  They'll get married and he'll try to get the house back somehow.  They walk off with new hope.

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