Pal Joey, April 26, 2006 -- dress rehearsal, page one

Mike Spears (Joshua Guenter), owner of a second-rate dive in Chicago, listens as Joey Evans (Steve Wandzy) auditions for the job of Master of Ceremonies.  Joey gets the job, and convinces Mike to feature Joey as a star.  Joey then rehearses with The Girls on "You Mustn't Kick It Around."
The Girls: Gladys Bumps (Amy Facey), Adele (Mary Roberge), Mickie (Meghan Maki), Valerie (Rayah Martin).

Joey meets Linda English (Katrina Burzynski) outside a pet shop and weaves a tale of a terrier he used to own—back when "the family had money."  They sing "I Could Write A Book" to each other.
Linda goes to see Joey at the nightclub.  He's called away from their chat to attend to High Society's Mrs. Vera Simpson (Brianna Stronk) and her escort (Chris Daly).  Linda, feeling neglected, walks out.
Joey tries to get a little too forward with Vera, so she and her date also walk out.  Mike, irate at the loss of a high-ticket customer, tries to fire Joey on the spot, but Joey bets his salary that he can get Vera to come back within two days.  Mike grudgingly agrees.
The Girls perform "That Terrific Rainbow."

The next day, Joey tries a desperate gamble to pique Vera's interest by feigning disdain.

Fortunately for Joey, it works—Vera is intrigued.  She sings "What Is A Man?"  After changing her mind several times, she visits Joey at the club after hours and collects him.
Vera takes Joey to her favorite tailor Ernest (Dana T. Ring).  By odd coincidence, Linda is working there, much to Vera's annoyance.
Vera, aware that Joey is an incorrigible cad but infatuated with him anyway, sings "Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered."

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