Pal Joey, April 26, 2006 -- dress rehearsal, page two

In the final dress rehearsal before the opening of Joey's new nightclub "Chez Joey," Victor (Brian Rucci) sings "The Flower Garden of My Heart," surrounded by Mickie (Meghan Maki), Gladys Bumps (Amy Facey), Adele (Mary Roberge) and Valerie (Rayah Martin).

Joey Evans (Steve Wandzy) is interviewed by Society reporter Melba Snyder (Dorrie Mitchell), who seems amused by Joey's "stories" of his past.  She's not fazed by anybody since she interviewed Gypsy Rose Lee.  She illustrates that experience with the show-stopping "Zip!"  Club manager Mike Spears (Joshua Guenter), holding Melba's recently discarded jacket, fears what is coming (off) next.

Suddenly, into the nightclub comes extremely shady character Ludlow Lowell (Konrad Rogowski).  With a little extra coaxing from Gladys, he convinces Joey to sign a contract making Ludlow Joey's "artist's representative."
Having concluded his nefarious business, Ludlow says goodbye.  Trust that crooked character to turn a simple exit into a production number.  The cast performs "Plant You Now, Dig You Later."
Back at his apartment, Joey and Vera Simpson (Brianna Stronk) carry on their affair.  They sing "Den of Iniquity."
Ludlow and Gladys plan to blackmail Joey and Vera.  They try to enlist Linda English (Katrina Burzynski) in the plot, since Joey ditched Linda for Vera.
However, the next day...
...Linda declines, and goes to Joey's apartment to warn Vera of the plot against them.  Vera suspects Linda's motives include more than just concern for her welfare, but Linda denies any desire for Joey.  They both sing "Take Him."
After Linda leaves, a concerned Vera makes a phone call.  Ludlow and Gladys arrive to extort "20 Gs" from Vera.  During the argument, Joey tires to punch out Ludlow, but ... well, you know.
Just then the other side of that phone call arrives: Commissioner O'Brien (Dana T. Ring).  He collects Ludlow and Gladys and sees that they get on a train out of town.
Joey revives after everyone else has left.  Vera, having realized that Joey is more trouble than he's worth, tells him the relationship has to end.  Joey does not take it well and they have words before Vera leaves.
It gets worse.  Vera has canceled the "Chez Joey" bank account she was maintaining, and cut off all financial support.  The apartment manager, Hoople (Chris Daly), tells Joey that he's being kicked out of the building with just the clothes on his back.
Linda returns and offers to take Joey to her sister's house for dinner before he "leaves for New York."  After the meal, they walk by the Pet Store and she kisses him goodbye.  But even though he sings a reprise of "I Could Write a Book," in the end he chases after yet another girl.

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