Regrets Only, October 2012
by Paul Rudnick directed by Becky Beth Benedict
Costumes by Dawn McKaySet design by Konrad Rogowski

Synopsis: Hank Hadley is a world-famous fashion designer and a close friend of power-attorney Jack McCullough and his socialite wife Tibby.  Their daughter, Spencer, has announced her engagement and asks for a Hank-designed gown, which he is happy to provide.
Jack gets a phone call from President Bush, asking Jack to come to Washington to help write a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  Hank, whose longtime partner died only a few months ago, is a little upset by this.

Left-to-right: Spencer (Jennifer Rawlings), Hank (Chad Shipley), and Jack (Josh Guenter). Left-to-right: Spencer, Jack, Tibby (Heidi Jean Weinrich), and Hank.
(When the show was running, our South Hall doubled as the set's front door.)
Tibby at the door with the maid, Myra Kesselman (Jomarie Pipolo).
Late in Act II.  Left-to-right: Tibby; Spencer; Tibby's mother, Marietta Claypoole (Kelly Seip), and Jack.
A critical point in Act II.  Note Tibby's inability to find a decent hairdresser and Marietta's problems getting a proper dress.

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