Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
April-May, 2003

Judge Turpin (Paul DiProto) proposes marriage to his ward Johanna (Jane Roets).  The Judge had exiled Sweeney and raped his wife, who couldn't bear the shame and took poison.  Johanna is Sweeney's daughter.  Sure is despicable, isn't he?
Pirelli, recognizing Sweeney from the old days, tries to blackmail him.  Sweeney lets him know what he thinks of this idea.
Pirelli becomes the main ingredient in Mrs. Lovett's pastries at her now-successful Pie Shop.  Later, several other citizens earn the same honor thanks to a special surprise in Sweeney's chair--a direct route to the Bakehouse.
Dick Flynn, in an uncredited cameo...
...dies a horrible death.
Mrs. Lovett is increasingly distressed that the Beadle (Stephen Grout) won't go away.
Mrs. Lovett (Pat Haynes) shows Tobias (Steve Wandzy) THE OVEN.
Unsung hero Bob Demetrius, relaxing downstairs before the show.  Bob operated, from below, the "Slide" platform that transported Sweeney's victims from the barber chair to the oven.  His nicknames were "Mole in the Hole," and "The Thing From Beneath The Stage."

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