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Suffield Players Scholarships

Suffield Players is proud to present the Robert Alcorn Memorial Arts Scholarship (for post High School study) and the Eugene Biggio Dramatic Arts Scholarship (for K-12 study).  The Robert Alcorn Memorial Arts Scholarship was established in 1981 to honor our first President and his passion for community theatre and recognizes post-high school study for students of any age who wish to pursue the performing arts.  The Eugene Biggio Memorial Drama Scholarship was established in 1989 to honor the passion of one of our past Presidents and recognizes undergraduate study for students K - 12 studying dramatic arts.

Applications are available at the opening of the winter show and are due by May 12 of the same year.
Eugene Biggio Memorial Scholarship
Robert Alcorn Memorial Scholarship
Submission deadline is May 12, 2017.

Donations may be made to the Scholarship Fund directly online at our website or by using the forms in our show programs, newsletters or brochure.  Please make sure to note “For Scholarship Fund.”

Each year, Suffield Players holds special events to help raise funds for that year's scholarships, including the “Barnes & Noble Book Fair” held around the time of the Holiday Benefit.

Scholarships are usually awarded at the Suffield Players Annual Meeting held in June.

The Board of Directors serves as the selection committee.

Past Scholarship Winners*

Robert Alcorn Memorial Arts Scholarship
2017Ezra Fisher, Caelie Flannagan, Cara E. Smith
2016Emma Rucci
2015Josh Karam, Jenna Kohut
2014Alida Lamagna, Christian Tarr
2013Heather Frew, Alexandra O'Hallaran
2012Katrina Art, Robert C. Williams III, Jenna Kohut
2011Emma Kubetin
2010Nicole Picard, Cassandra West
2009Evan Laud, Adam Santaniello
2001Jennifer Abrams, Peter Waugh
1995Cheryl Baldyga, Heather Secora
1993Carl Casinghino, Shawn Howland
1992Jared Butler, Lisa Dialessi, Kristen Patefield, Brian White
1991Jared Butler, Ed Gogulski, Scott Grenier, Julie Haas, Kristen Patefield, Brian White
1990Scott Grenier, Brian White
1988Cynthia Kaplan, Jennifer Lee
1987Elizabeth Holley, Kristi Kreps

Eugene Biggio Memorial Drama Scholarship
2017Miranda Flood, Leila Schoenfeld
2015Jonathan Rucci
2014Stacey McCann
2013Emma Rucci, Elizabeth Rucci, Jonathan Rucci
2012Elsa Berrien
2011Elizabeth Rucci and Emma Rucci
2010Elsa Berrien, Elizabeth Rucci, and Emma Rucci
2009Elsa Berrien, Jenna Kohut, Elizabeth Rucci, Emma Rucci
1995Katie Alaimo, Mickey Allen, Derek Donnelly, Amy Modzelesky, Michael Moreau
1993Katie Alaimo, Austin Allen, Emily Allen, Katharine Anne Houston, Michael Moreau
1992Austin Allen, Emily Allen, John Bussolari, Bryan Davidson, Shawn Howland, Rebecca Mehan, Michael Moreau
1991Cheryl Baldyga, Shawn Howland, Michelle Nai, Magin Schantz, Allison Szewzyk, George Woodward, Nicki-Lee Zambrello
1990Danny Makoski, Marcy Secora [First Year of Award]

*Some seasons scholarships were not awarded.  We regret any errors or missing information—this is current based on available information.  For corrections or updates, please contact the Board of Directors.