Chapter Two,   May, 2017
by Neil Simon Costumes by Laura Filshtein
directed by Anna Marie Johansen Set design by Konrad Rogowski and Kelly Seip

Carrying an emotional wound caused by the death of his first wife, a writer tries to move forward in life and love.

A recently widowed writer, George Schneider (Paul Robert Tafoya), is urged by his brother Leo (Ryan Bird), to get back in the dating game.  Leo gives George the number of a friend-of-a-friend. Leo's friend, Faye Medwick (Lisa Parker), is trying to console Jennie Malone (Amanda Marschall), whose own marriage to a football jock just ended badly.
George, trying to call a business associate, accidentally calls Jennie.
After some awkward moments, they hit it off. Oh did we mention Leo and Faye are having an affair?
And they use Jennie's apartment when she's not there?
Various costume shots:

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