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Suffield Players Audition Schedule for 2017-2018


The Suffield Players holds show specific auditions at our theater in Mapleton Hall's North Hall (entrance to right) unless otherwise noted, and are open to all actors.  We do not pre-cast shows but specific information about auditions may change and will be published in advance on our website and via email.  Actors may be added to our mailing list by using our Membership Form.  The Suffield Players is an all volunteer organization.

Auditions generally are cold readings from the script; musicals will request prepared songs as outlined in the director notes.  If a monologue, movement, improv, or other specific elements are to be included in the process, we will provide ample notice.

We do three main stage shows and one holiday benefit each year plus staged readings.  Auditions have generally occurred mid-month in August, October, November and January but watch here for details.  Our upcoming season's specific dates are below.


  MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING   by William Shakespeare, directed by Chris Rohmann


  New Faces 2017   produced by Shaun O'Keefe


  Holiday Benefit: A CHRISTMAS PUDDING II   by David Birney, directed by Roger A. Ochs

October 21 at 6PM, and 23 at 7PM.

The Suffield Players announce auditions for their Annual Holiday Benefit Challenge Fundraiser, performed each year with scripts in hand, a minimum of rehearsals and a maximum of creativity, using found and made props and simple costume accessories.  All proceeds from the performances go toward the upkeep and maintenance of Mapleton Hall, our historic theatre home.

Performance Dates: December 8 and 9 at 8pm, December 10 at 2pm.

Play Description: A Christmas Pudding II is a collection of holiday songs, stories, and poems of the season by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Frank McCourt, Emily Dickinson, Alfred Lord Tennyson, George Washington, Rainer Maria Rilke, St. Luke, and others—spiced with traditional carols, jokes, and festive music from around the world.  There will be lots of ensemble singing, and possibly some solos or duets.

Roles: Everyone in the cast will become part of “The Consort,” a united company telling holiday tales, reciting poetry, and singing.

A Christmas Pudding II is a Staged Reading; all performers will have concert-style folders containing the scenes, poems, and music in the show.

Audition Process: After filling out an audition form and having a quick headshot photo taken (strictly to assist with the casting process), you will be asked to read some “Contentless Scenes” which are designed to show off your creativity and acting skills!

These short scenes involve one other actor, and can be interpreted in many ways, so your versatility and gifts can shine.  You may also be asked to sing an easy song a capella, to give the director an idea of your vocal range.

Note: The reading level of many of the pieces in the actual Pudding script is high school to adult; it may be difficult for young actors.

Thank you for your interest!  Please contact Roger A. Ochs, Director, with any questions.


  MOON OVER BUFFALO   by Ken Ludwig, directed by Denise Boutin

November 12 at 6PM, and November 13 at 7PM

Moon Over Buffalo is a farce.  Set in the 1950's, this comedy is jam-packed with slap-stick, mistaken identities, secrets, complicated romantic relationships, sexual innuendo, characters willing to go to ridiculous ends to accomplish their goals, split second timing … in short, a farce.  Out of respect for the genre, audition requirements are:

  • Be prepared to move (appropriate clothing and foot wear, maybe a t-shirt or hat that makes you look athletic).
  • Rehearse / prepare a tongue twister and/or light monologue/poem that makes demands on your articulators.  This DOES NOT have to be memorized, just rehearsed is fine.  If you are unable to prepare ahead of time, there will be pieces available at the audition.
  • The rest of the audition process will be cold reads from the script.

Character Descriptions:

  • George Hay – 50 to early 60’s.  A bit full of himself and has a fragile ego.  The kind of actor who probably counts his words before the play goes up and counts his laughs after its running.  Remembers all the words from every play he's ever been in.  Impractical and histrionic.  Loves the theater and his family, (despite his occasional dalliances).  This role is physically demanding.
  • Charlotte Hay – 50 to early 60's.  Talented actress.  Wants to be a Hollywood film star and has been desperately waiting for that big break.  Attractive and glamorous.  In age denial about the roles she can and cannot do.  Has devoted her life to acting and her husband.  Loves her family.  This role is physically demanding.
  • Ethel – 70+.  Mother of Charlotte.  A good actress in her own right, but does more production work than acting these days, especially costuming and laundry.  Discerning about many things, especially talent and love.  Outspoken, critical and funny.  Does not care for her son-in-law and is disappointed that her granddaughter left the acting profession.  Cannot hear without her hearing aid.
  • Rosalind – mid 20's to early 30's.  Daughter of George and Charlotte and granddaughter to Ethel.  Was brought up in the theater.  Quick, bright and attractive; the audience should love her and root for her happiness.  To be more practical about her life, has left acting and pursued a career in advertising, but you can tell she still loves the theater.  Engaged to Howard, a very reliable, very nice, very dull guy.  He's the opposite of what she's known and that consequently makes him more desirable.  Had been engaged to Paul, an actor who works in her parent's theater company.
  • Howard – mid 20 to early 30's.  Fiancé of Rosalind.  From Buffalo.  Very average kind of guy, a bit nerdy and not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  A weatherman and finds it exciting.  Wants to get married, settle down and have kids as soon as possible.  Important people make him nervous.  Famous people make him nervous.  Roz's folks make him very nervous. When he's nervous, he can't string sentences together, or even utter individual words.  Tries hard to please.  This role is physically demanding.
  • Eileen – same age as Howard; they went to school together.  Ambitious young actress on the rise.  Attractive in a bimbo sort of way; it's easy to underestimate her intelligence.  Rather frank, but not especially honest. Had a “one-night stand” with George.  In the action of the play, discovers she is pregnant with George's child, a dilemma for which she finds a very creative solution.
  • Paul – 30ish.  Former fiancé of Rosalind.  Still in love with her. Charming actor who works as a company member at Rosalind's parents' theater.  Will do whatever it takes to see that the show goes on.  Likable, bright and passionate about what he does and who he cares for.
  • Richard – 50 to mid-60's.  Intelligent, attractive and accomplished attorney.  Wants to be more than a friend to Charlotte.  Adores her and thinks that she is too good for George.  Wants Charlotte to run away with him. Almost succeeds, but completely underestimates the love that Charlotte has for both her profession and her husband.
Perusal sample of Moon Over Buffalo


  SYLVIA   by A. R. Gurney, directed by Kelly Seip