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Suffield Players Audition Schedule for 2016-2017


The Suffield Players holds show specific auditions at our theater in Mapleton Hall's North Hall (entrance to right) unless otherwise noted, and are open to all actors.  We do not pre-cast shows but specific information about auditions may change and will be published in advance on our website and via email.  Actors may be added to our mailing list by using our Membership Form.  The Suffield Players is an all volunteer organization.

Auditions generally are cold readings from the script; musicals will request prepared songs as outlined in the director notes.  If a monologue, movement, improv, or other specific elements are to be included in the process, we will provide ample notice.

We do three main stage shows and one holiday benefit each year plus staged readings.  Auditions have generally occurred mid-month in August, October, November and January but watch here for details.  Our upcoming season's specific dates are below.


  IS THERE LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL?   by Jeffrey Kindley and Craig Carnelia, directed by John Pike


  New Faces 2016   produced by Mary Fernandez-Sierra and Roger A. Ochs


  Holiday Benefit: A CHRISTMAS TWIST   by The Illegitmate Players, directed by Mary Fernandez-Sierra


  FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS   by Alan Ball, directed by Kelly Seip


  CHAPTER TWO   by Neil Simon, directed by Anna Marie Johansen

January 22 at 6pm, January 23 at 7pm

List of characters

  • GEORGE SCHNEIDER – (40–50) Intelligent man, an academic; has been laid low by life.  His once bright countenance has been overshadowed by deep loss.  Despair and depression appear to be his constant companions; he is haunted by his yesterdays, and just wants to be left alone.  A little romance in his life changes everything.
  • JENNIE MALONE – (30–40) Attractive classy woman recently divorced.  She is a confident working actress, but in her private life she lacks confidence, and is reluctant to get on with a life bereft of her husband.  Everything switches up once she meets George.
  • LEO SCHNEIDER – (30–35) George’s younger, well-meaning, fun-loving brother intent on being a match-maker for his lonely sibling.  Leo feels trapped in his own marriage, and wishes for a livelier relationship.
  • FAYE MEDWICK – (35–45) Jennie’s best friend, trying to help Jennie through her divorce.  Faye is conservative and always does the right thing.  She feels alone in her own marriage, and needs a change … which arrives through her friendship with Jennie.

Auditioners will be doing cold readings of the script.  A perusal copy of Chapter Two can be seen at Kent Memorial Library in Suffield, CT.

For more information, please contact the director, Anna Marie Johansen, at: johansen.annamarie@gmail.com