Criminal Hearts, February 2012, page two

by Jane Martin directed by Kelly Seip

Costumes by Dawn McKaySet design by Konrad Rogowski
After burglarizing the condo of her husband Wib, Ata (Liz Leshine, center) returns to her sparse apartment with Robbie (Allen Nott) and Bo (Vanda Doyle), where they congratulate each other.  Ata, still unable to let go of the gun, marvels at her ability to actually do “a job.” Bo notices that Robbie has lifted Ata's necklace and makes him return it, much to Robbie's confusion.
When Bo steps out of the room, Robbie makes a pass at Ata. Ata and Robbie start to go out for more beer, but Ata has a panic attack and has to be carried out.
Before they can leave, Wib (Mark Proulx) arrives.  Bo answers the door while Robbie hides in a closet and Ata cowers behind the door.
Wib has come because he discovered one of Ata's earrings at his thoroughly robbed house.  He demands to know what happened.  During his interrogation, he discovers one of the broken golf clubs. In revenge, he destroys Ata's pencil sharpener, which is practically the only thing Ata has left that relaxes her.
Ata then rails against Wib and his lifestyle.  At the end of her tirade, she accidentally fires the gun again and, flustered, retreats into the closet with Robbie. Alone with Bo, Wib puts the moves on her, but Bo surprises him by throwing him against the wall and kissing him, hard.  He gives Bo his card, tells Ata (through the closet door) to return his stuff by tomorrow or else, and leaves.
Bo opens the closet door to find Ata and Robbie in an intense embrace.  Robbie leaves to get the truck, and Bo tells Ata he's hustling her.  Ata says that Bo is her friend, which makes Bo admit that everything she's told Ata about herself is a lie. Ata tries to shoot herself out of despair, but Bo talks her down and gives her Wib's wallet that she took from him during the kiss.
Bo says Ata could join them doing con-jobs.  Ata rejects the idea until she realizes she has finally let go of the gun.  Ata accepts and actually leaves the apartment (by the window) to get beer. Robbie bangs on the door.  He's been waiting in the hall so they can grab all the clothes and go. Bo, however, refuses.  Robbie, not sure what has happened, leaves.
Ata returns with beer she stole from the store.  She and Bo toast each other and Ata's new life.

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