The Foreigner, October 2009, page two

Two days later, Rev. David Lee (Christopher Berrien) and Owen Musser (James L. Frank-Saraceni) examine part of the property they were able to salvage from an attack on their Klan headquarters.  David assures Owen the rest is safe in his van. Charlie Baker (Dale T. Facey) and Ellard Simms (Brian Rucci) at breakfast let Ellard's sister Catherine (Brianna Stronk) know how well Ellard's been doing at a building project in town while lodge owner Betty Meeks (Cynthia Lee Andersen) makes tea.
Charlie's friend Froggy (Mark Proulx) arrives to retrieve him, but Charlie wants to stay.  Froggy feels Charlie is enjoying the situation too much and announces Charlie will tell a story in his "native language."  To Froggy's chagrin, everybody loves his story, even if they couldn't understand all of it. Owen, alone with Charlie, feels very smug as he brags to the "dummy" how his friends will make the country clean again.  Charlie can't resist teasing him with his "limited vocabulary."  But Owen gets unnerved when Charlie's words get strangely sinister.
David calms Owen for the moment and Charlie offers to teach everyone his own language, "Gokblit."  He continues to tease Owen until Owen explodes in rage and announces he's going off to bring the Klan!  David goes off to try to stop him, but the power is cut, and they all look to Charlie for a plan. That night, everyone is nervous, and Ellard is close to panic.  Charlie uses the croquet mallet as a symbol and gets everyone fired up.  Catherine and Ellard go upstairs to prepare.
The Klan arrive in force.  (Two of those Klansmen are Gwen and Sadie Moriarty.)  Owen reveals himself as the leader and orders his men to search the lodge. It doesn't look good for the good guys.  Catherine's been captured and it appears Ellard has lit out for the woods.  Charlie, however, is not worried.
He confronts Owen with more of his "hoodoo talk" and if that isn't enough to scare the bejesus out of him... ...Charlie takes aim and melts one of the Klansmen.  Everybody in a robe runs screaming into the night.  Charlie's trick worked.
David comes downstairs after being knocked out by Ellard.  He was part of the Klan and can still lead the rest of them with the stuff in his van...until Froggy blows it up. Froggy gets a re-cap of the remarkable way the group dealt with the Klan.  Froggy asks to speak with Charlie privately.
Charlie has gotten a telegram from his wife's hospital.  She's completely recovered, and run off with one of the doctors. Catherine convinces Charlie to stay and continue to learn how to speak without an accent.

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