South Pacific, page two
May 2011

Nellie Forbush (Stephanie Devine), emcees the nurses and seabees' production of Thanksgiving Follies.
Backstage, Bloody Mary (Becky Rodia Schoenfeld) encourages Lt. Cable (Danny Viets) to continue the carefree life with her daughter Liat (Erica Bryan).  She also urges them to marry, and sings "Happy Talk" while Liat dances. However, because of his family's prejudices, Cable says he can never marry a Tonkinese girl.  Bloody Mary furiously whisks Liat away, saying she must now marry an older plantation owner.  Cable regretfully reprises "Younger Than Springtime."
The final number for the Follies.  Nellie performs a burlesque dressed as a sailor singing of his "Honey Bun." Honey Bun is played by Seabee Luther Billis (Shaun O'Keefe).
The Navy nurses join in the final dance.  Left to right, Captain George Brackett (Mark Proulx), a seabee (Timothy Glynn), a nurse (Mary Roberge), Ens. Janet MacGregor (Grace Spelman), Ens. Dinah Murphy (Laura Markis), Head Nurse (Amy Rucci), Cmdr. William Harbison (Hal Chernoff), and Stewpot (Zachary Gray).
Backstage after the show, Emile de Becque (Rich Moran), congratulates Nellie, but implores her to reconsider ending their relationship and to overcome her prejudice.  She says she can't do that knowing about his children's Polynesean mother. Emile asks Lt. Cable why his and Nellie's prejudice exist.  Cable, disgusted by his inability to break his own mindset, sings "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught."  Emile sings of the life he might have had in "This Nearly Was Mine." 
With nothing to lose, Emile agrees to help Lt. Cable with his dangerous spy mission.  They send back reports of enemy ship movements, which the Americans are able to intercept and destroy.  The Japanese then strafe Cable and Emile's island.  Many wait for word at the radio shack including Capt. Brackett, Stewpot, Cmdr. Harbison, Professor (Michael Holt), and Lt. Buzz Adams (Andrew Holl). Just before his radio is destroyed, Emile sends word that Lt. Cable has been killed.
Unseen by anyone, Lt. Joseph Cable silently appears and walks straight downstage, into the aisle, and out the front door of Mapleton Hall. Nellie, learning of Cable's death and now knowing that Emile is missing, realizes that it was a mistake to spurn Emile because of his children's mother's race.  She reprises "Some Enchanted Evening" one last time.
Cable's death wasn't for nothing.  Their spy work has made possible a major American offensive, Operation Alligator.  The sailors on the base, including Billis, prepare to go off to battle.
The "go" order is given.  Everyone lines up... ...and slowly start to march while singing "Honey Bun." This time, it sounds like a dirge.
They march out, perhaps to victory, perhaps only following Lt. Cable.  (Tony Andruss between Gray and Proulx.)
Nellie spends time with Emile's children Ngana and Jerome (Kennedy and Bradshaw Mattson) and grows to love them.  While they teach her "Dites-Moi," Emile's voice is heard. Emile is delighted that Nellie has overcome her prejudice at last and will accept the children as their own.
Photos by Jerry Zalewski
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