Communicating Doors, February 2010, page one

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One day in 2024, Poopay (Becky Rhodia Schoenfeld), a dominatrix for hire, is met by Julian (Christopher Berrien) and she immediately sets up her equipment.  However, she's been hired for Julian's partner, Reece.  Julian leaves in disgust once Reece comes out of the bedroom. Alone with Poopay, Reece (Allen Nott) tells her the real reason she's here: he's written a confession and she's to witness it.  He and "Goodman" have committed terrible crimes over the years.  Goodman even killed both of Reece's wives.
She reluctantly signs, but balks at having to deliver the paper to a law firm, causing Reece to suffer an attack.  Poopay summons Julian before trying to quickly leave.  Julian demands to know what caused the attack. Poopay plays dumb, but Julian discovers the confession.  It turns out he's Goodman.  Running to the bathroom, she hides the confession back in the bidet seconds before Julian comes in to force her to OD on Reece's medications.
Poopay tries to hide in the storeroom on the other side of the suite's communicating doors, but instead she appears in the room of Ruella (Mary Fernandez-Sierra), Reece's (supposedly dead) second wife, who calls hotel security. Phoebe (Poopay's real name) tells Ruella about Julian, and how he's on the other side of the doors.  Ruella doesn't believe this, but she lends her a raincoat before Harold Palmer (Brian Rucci) chucks her out of the hotel.
Giving in to curiosity, Ruella tries the door and is confronted by a very young Reece and his first wife, Jessica (Rayah Martin).  Ruella quickly retreats. Ruella invites Phoebe back up.  Phoebe's been wandering because her flat is gone, along with the entire building.  Ruella realizes the doorway allows one to travel through time.  She shows Phoebe the date in today's paper: 2004.
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As quietly as she can, Phoebe sneaks back to 2024 to retrieve the confession.  She gets squirted by the bidet in the process, but makes it back to the door before Julian sees her. Ruella tries to show the confession to Jessica back in 1984.  She is caught by a younger version of Harold, who advises Jessica to ignore the papers.  Just before Harold forces her out, Ruella persuades Jessica to at least look at the confession.
Phoebe draws a bath while waiting for Ruella to return.  Unfortunately, Julian has discovered he can get through the communicating door as well. 1
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