Dearly Departed (II), October 2004

At the funeral of Bud Turpin, many friends drop by to offer condolences.
Norval (Bruce Showalter) is given his pills by his wife Veda (Nancy J. Emonds) while Bud's widow Raynelle (Denise M. E. Boutin) listens to Veda's litany of Norval's medical needs.
Bud's daughter-in-law Lucille (Karen Balaska) rues not being able to bring to term while Nadine (Dorrie Mitchell), pregnant with her tenth, raves about the prospects of husband number five.
Lucille and family friend Juanita (Nancy J. Emonds) prepare to serve food while Bud's other daughter-in-law Suzanne (Rayah Martin), still distraught over learning of her husband's affair, nurses her sore feet and her sore soul.  Bud's daughter Delightful (Dorrie Mitchell) views the whole thing with contempt.

Raynelle shares a memory of her husband with their son Ray-Bud (Mark Depathy).
Presiding over the funeral service is the Reverend B. H. Hooker (Bruce Showalter), flanked by Delightful, Raynelle, Lucille, and Bud's nephew Royce (Christopher S. Daly) on the left, and Juanita, Ray-Bud, Suzanne and Bud's other son Junior (Joshua Guenter) on the right.  Unfortunately, the Reverend pays severely for eating at that Mexican restaurant last night and has to leave the service--abruptly.  Ray-Bud is urged to speak for his father, and delivers a simple eulogy that is surprisingly founded in love and comfort.
Reconciled during the service through the magic of Dairy Queen, and inspired by Ray-Bud's speech, Suzanne and Junior look forward to the future with hope.  (The fools!)
Also inspired by her brother, Delightful discards her cynicism and accompanys her mother Raynelle to the kneeler to bid her father a simple goodbye.

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