Fortinbras, October 2007, page one

(At the end of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare...)
The ambassador from England (Allen Nott) arrives to find the entire court of Elsinore dead.  The only survivors are Horatio (Brian Rucci) and Osric (Steve Wandzy).  Just before Hamlet died, he endorsed Fortinbras, prince of Norway, as the next king of Denmark.
Fortinbras (Stephen Grout) arrives along with his Captain (Dana T. Ring).  Horatio tries to explain all the recent events, but Fortinbras doesn't think Hamlet's story will "sell."  In order to make his ascension to the throne more acceptable, he needs a better story: a Polish spy! Fortinbras, having sent his captain to find the head of the Electors to confirm him as king, inspects the countryside as Osric and Horatio present items from the castle, assisted by Barnardo (Dana T. Ring) and Marcellus (Allen Nott).
As Fortinbras tries to explain the necessity of a plausible story to Horatio, the Captain brings in the certification from the Electors, as well as a mysterious damp sack.  Horatio is relieved to discover that it is not the "head" of the Electors, but a simple melon. Fortinbras continues his surveying as the ghost of Polonius (Charles Merlis) appears.  He seems anxious to tell Fortinbras something of great import, maybe, but refuses to speak.
Fortinbras is still perturbed over Horatio's stubbornness regarding Hamlet's "version" of the truth.  He can't understand why burying everybody in sacred ground and sending the army off to threaten Poland in retaliation for the "spy" bothers Horatio so much. Osric brings in tonight's amusement for the new king: two Polish maidens (Mary Roberge, Michelle Kinsella) captured on the army's last raid.
While the maidens are off being prepared, ghost Polonius returns, but he still won't speak. When the maidens re-appear, it seems Polonius won't leave, either.
The ghost of Lady Ophelia (Brianna Stronk) breezes in to collect her father.  She explains that Polonius now will not speak unless he is sure it is the truth.  Good luck with that. Ophelia scares the maidens away and tempts Fortinbras into bed with her.
The next morning, Fortinbras wakes to find the ghosts of Claudius (Joseph Arsenault) and Gertrude (Jane Maulucci) have also undergone a personality reversal.  They are now (loudly) pious and implore Fortinbras to un-bury them as they do not deserve sacred ground. Meanwhile, in the castle cellars, Horatio and the palace guards find the ghost of Hamlet (Joshua Guenter) trapped in a strange glowing box.  Hamlet orders them to take him to Fortinbras.
Fortinbras, flanked by the seen-only-by-him ghosts of Ophelia and Laertes (Christopher Berrien), receives the unwelcome news that his army has actually captured Poland.  The Captain enters and tells him that in addition, the army is continuing and the Poles have joined them.  Now, Fortinbras has to come up with a spy to legitimize his story, and Osric is "volunteered" for the job.
Horatio brings the spirit of Hamlet to the king as ordered, but Fortinbras refuses to talk with any more ghosts.  (He's having enough trouble with the one at hand, er, lips.)  He storms off, followed by Horatio.  Hamlet implores Ophelia to help him get out of the box, but she turns the device off.

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