Morning's At Seven, October 2008, page two

Sisters Ida (Pam Amodio) and Esther (Kelly Seip) surround their unmarried sister Arry (Jane H. Maulucci).  Arry has for years threatened to tell "something she knows" to get her way.  Ida and Esty believe that Arry and Thor, Cora's husband, have been having an affair right under Cora's nose.  When they tell her they've known all about it for years, she is shocked that they would think such a thing and runs off in tears. Thor (Bruce Showalter) has not been too keen on his wife Cora's idea of living in the house that was promised to his nephew Homer.  He is agonizing over how to get out of it when Homer (Stephen Grout) comes up and asks his uncle's help getting Cora to cancel the lease agreement, because his fiancée is going to have a baby.
In Act III, Myrtle (Karen Balaska) and Homer are congratulated on their imminent marriage by proud uncle Thor, who barely keeps her condition a secret.  He insists that the couple go off on a "long honeymoon," with just the two of them. Cora (Cynthia Lee Andersen) is cross with Arry for interfering in her plan to have Thor to herself at last.  Arry gives Esther a letter to read later, and asks to speak to Thor alone.
Thor and Arry talk about the awkward situation they've been in for all these years.  Although it has been a strain, Arry is not sorry about anything. Ida's husband Carl (Konrad Rogowski) and Esty's husband David (Dana T. Ring) return from David's house.  David is pontificating on how Carl can find his location in life, but Carl doesn't quite understand David's central theorem.
Carl explains to Esty that the closet they were going to convert into a bathroom is in an impossible location, and they've abandoned the project.  Carl takes his tools inside and Esty reads Arry's letter to David: there was an assignation, but only once, forty years ago.  Arry thinks her life has been wasted ever since. Cora confesses to Esty that she truly resents Arry's presence in her home, but she'll put up with it, as long as Arry backs off.  Esty helps convince Cora to cancel the lease and give the house back to Homer.
Cora tells Homer he has his house back.  Arry is moving out of Cora's house (and into Ida's).  David and Esther have reconciled.  God's in his heaven; all's right with the world.

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